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Rulemaking Review Provisions
(By D.C. Code Section)

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D.C. Code
Type Subject No
01-0264 (h) RM ANC Rulemaking 45 LD DA
01-0606.11 RM Employee Appeals, Office of - Rulemaking 45 LD DA
01-0610.3(h) RM MPD Excepted Sworn Employee's Compensation Rulemaking 0   AA Bill 13-115
01-0612.19(d) RM Taxes, Pre-Tax Benefits Plan Rulemaking 45 LD DA
01-0622.13(b) RM Health Benefits Rulemaking 45 LD DA
01-613.3a RM Universal Leave System Implementation 45 LD DA  
01-1028 RM Residency Doorknob Notice Rules 45 CD DA
01-1150.01 RM Minority Contract Rules by MBOC 45 LD DA
01-1182.05 RM Procurements Regulations 60 LD DA
01-2223 RM Business Purchase Assistance Program Rules 30 LD DA
01-2295.05 RM Nat'l Capital Revit. Corp. Personnel Rules 45 MCD DD
01-2295.10 RM Nat'l Capital Revit. Corp. Grant Guidelines and Rules 45 MCD DD
01-2553 (a) RM Compensatory Damages/Attorneys Fee Guidelines 0
AA D.C. Law 12-38
01-3005 RM Spouse Equity Rules 45 LD DA
02-0606 (m) RM Boxing and Wrestling Commission Rulemaking 45 LD DA
02-2523 (b-1) RM Nonprofit Raffle Licensure Rules 45 LD DA -
02-2552.1 (c) RM Monte Carlo Night Charitable Gambling Rules 45 LD DA
03-0202.5 RM Self-Sufficiency Promotion Rules 30 LD DA DC Law 12-241
03-0205.68 (a) RM Demonstration Project for Moving from Welfare to Independence 45 LD DA
03-0206.3 RM Emergency Shelter Rules 45 LD DA
03-0207.03 RM Public Assistance Complements Rules 30 CD DA
03-0608 RM Overnight Shelter Program Rules 45 LD DA
03-0608 RM Homeless - Overnight Shelter Rules 45 LD DA
03-1031 (a) RM Emergency Assistance Program Rules 45 LD DA Rules to be issued by 5-16-89
03-1104 RM D.C. General Hospice Program Rules 45 LD DA Rules to be issued by 7-16-89
04-0161 (f) RM Public Auction of Vehicles by MPD 45 LD DA
05-0537 RM Smoke Detector Act Regulations 45 LD DA
05-1309 RM Construction Code Rulemaking 45 LD DA
06-0705(c) RM Hazardous Waste Rulemaking 45 LD DA
06-0738 RM Toxic Source Reduction Rules 45 LD DA
06-0906 RM Air Pollution Control Rulemaking 45 LD DA
06-0972 RM Phosphate Restriction Rules 30 LD DA
06-0991.13 RM Asbestos Licensing and Control Rulemaking 45 LD DA
06-1025 RM Dangerous Dog/ Tenant Pet Ownership Rules 45 LD DA
06-1043(d) RM Horse-Drawn Carriage Trade Rules 45 LD DA
06-2704 RM Civil Infractions Fines 60 CD DA
06-2907 RM Litter Control Fines 0
06-2907 (b)(3) RM Litter Control Fine Modification 45 CD DA
06-3305 RM Hazardous Materials Transportation Rules 45 LD DA Rules to issue by 8-16-89
06-3418 RM Recycling Program Rules 45 LD DA
06-3423 RM Minimum Recycled Content Rules 45 LD DA
06-3460 RM Solid Waste Facility Permit Rulemaking 30 LD DA Act 12-624
06-3551 RM Long-Term Ombudsman Care Rules 45 LD DA
06-3607 RM Child Care Services Assistance Fund Rules 45 LD DA
09-0603 (c) RM Convention Center Board Rules 30 MCD DA
16-2311.1 RM Child Delinquency/Neglect Rules 30 LD DA
24-0201.3 RM Parole Rulemaking 60 LD DA Sec. 11231 of Revital. Act; requires concurrence of the Atty Gen.
24-0430 RM Good Time Credit (Parole) Rules 45 LD DA
24-0442 RM Corrections Department Regulations for Penal Institutions 0
24-0821 note RM BOOT CAMP Program Rules 45 LD DA
25-0111 RM Alcoholic Beverage Control License Fee Rulemaking 45 LD DA
25-107 (e) RM Alcoholic Beverage Control Act Rules 45 LD DA
26-0802.01 RM Regional Banking Rules 45 LD DA
26-0810 RM Women Owned Bank Rules 0
AA Rules to be issued by 6-16-89
26-0861 RM Interstate Banking Rules 45 LD DA
26-0909 RM Savings and Loan Acquisition Rules 45 LD DA
26-0917 RM Minority-Owned Savings and Loan Associations Rules 0
AA Rules to be issued by 6-16-89
28-4202 RM Radon Contractor Proficiency Rules 45 LD DA
28-4527 RM Cigarette Wholesaling Rules 45 LD DA
28-4608 RM Consumer Credit Service Organization Rules 45 LD DA
29-1363 RM Limited Liability Company Fees 45 LD DA
30-0527 RM Child Support Enforcement Rules 30 LD DA
31-1606 (a)(3) RM Educational Institution Licensure Commission 45 LD DA
31-1611 RM Bonding Requirements for Proprietary Schools 0
31-2603 RM Nurse Training Corp Rules 45 LD DA
32-0125 RM Institutional Care Indigent Fee Reimbursement Rules 30 MCD DA
32-0262.7 RM Public Benefit Corporation Policies, Practice and Procedure Rules 45 LD DA
32-0321 RM Health Services Planning Program Rulemaking 45 LD DA DC Act 12-40
32-0371 RM State Health Planning and Development Rules 45 LD DA
32-0560 RM Healthcare Entity Conversion Rules 45 LD DA DC Law 12-32
32-1304(j) RM Health Care Facility and Community Residence Facility License and Inspection Fees Rulemaking 45 LD DA
32-1702 RM Judiciary Square Inmate Classification Rules 45 LD DA
33-0552 RM Drug Forfeiture Rules 45 LD DA
33-0903 RM Food and Urban Garden Program Rules 45 LD DA
35-0229 RM AIDS Insurance Discrimination Prohibition Rules 45 LD DA
35-1531 note RM Auto Insurance Market, Report on Impact of Legislation on 0
NA D.C. Law 11-160; By 9-20-98
35-1545 RM Insurance Licensing Fees 45 LD DA
35-2620 RM Medicaid Supplement Insurance Rules 45 LD DA Due April 1993
36-0301 RM Worker's Compensation Rules 45 LD DA
36-0702 (f) RM Youth Employment Act Regulations 45 MCD DA
36-1317 RM Family and Medical Leave Rules 45 LD DA
40-0303 RM International Registration Plan Agreement Rulemaking 45 LD DA
40-0605 (a)(1) RM Traffic Fines, Order to Modify Civil 45 LD DA
40-0836 RM Abandoned and Junk Vehicle Rules 45 LD DA
40-1707 RM Taxicab Zone, Meter, and Number Limitation Changes 60 CD DA
40-1710 RM Taxicab Commission Procedural Rules 45 LD DA
40-1720 RM Taxicab Commission Fund and Assessment and Expenditure Rules 45
40-1809 RM Commercial Driver's License Rules 45 LD DA
41-0160.4(b) RM Limited Liability Partnership Registration Fees 45 LD DA
42-0236 (e) RM Unclaimed Property Collateral Rules 30 MCD DA
43-1656 (b) RM Water and Sewer Authority Program Rules 45 LD DA
43-1806(c) RM Cable Television Rulemaking 0
45-2131 RM HFA Receipt of Funds Rules 0
NA Transmittal to Chairman on same day transmitted to D.C. Register
45-2204(a) RM Home Purchase Assistance Fund Rules (HPAP) 45 MCD DA
45-2532 (e) RM Tenant Assistance Program Rules 45 LD DA
45-2533 (b) RM Tenant Assistance Program Fair Market Rent Variations 45 LD DA
45-2559.8 RM Drug Related Eviction Rules 45 LD DA
45-2581 note RM Distressed Property Rules 45 LD DA
45-2604 RM Homestead Housing Preservation Program Rules and Plan 45 LD DA
45-2704 RM Homestead Housing Program Rules and Administrative Plan 45 LD DA
45-2707 RM Homestead Property Transfer Rules 45 LD DA
45-3006 RM Senior Citizen's Home Repair Program Rules 45 LD DA
45-3104 RM Housing Production Trust Fund Rules 45 LD DA
47-0850(e) RM Homestead Exemption Ineligibility Rules 45 LD DA
47-0874 RM Condominium and Cooperative Trash Collection Tax Credits Rules 45 LD DA
47-2829 (e-4) RM Taxicab Commission License Suspension, Revocation or Nonrenewal Rules 45 LD DA
47-2829 (e-4) RM Taxicab Commission Rulemaking 45 LD DA

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Type: RM = Rulemaking
Type Days: CD = calendar day, each day is counted; K = Contracts; LD = legislative days, excludes Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and days of Council recess; MCD = modified calendar day, excludes only days of Council recess; MLD = modified legislative days, excludes only Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Appr.: DA = Deemed approved; DD = Deemed disapproved; AA = Affirmative action required for approval

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