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Other Review Provisions
(Alphabetical Order)
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Subject Type No
D.C. Code
Advance Funds for Urban Renewal Projects (RLA) O 0
AA 05-0818
Affirmative Action Plan (all agencies) O 0
NA 01-0508 Due with agency budget submittals
AIDS Comprehensive Health Care Response O 0
NA 06-2802 To be submitted by June 1986 and updated annually
ANC Audits O 0
NA 01-0264(d)
ANC Fund Acceptance (ANC) O 0
AA 01-0261(l)
Annual Comprehensive Criminal Justice Plan O 0
NA 02-1105 (2) Advisory review prior to submission to DOJ
Apprenticeship Training Standards O 0
AA 36-0407
Bank Applications, Review of O 45 LD DA 26-0804
Borrowing Funds from U.S. Treasury O 0
AA 47-0309
Borrowing of Funds for Capital Projects O 0
AA PL 105-277 Sec. 114 of the 1998 Appropriations Act
Budget Modifications (2 parts), Non-Offsetting O 14 CD DA 47-0364 (a) 30 mcd days if disapproved
Budget of Construction Services Fund O 0
NA 09-0220 Review annually within 90 days after D.C. Appropriations becomes law
Budget Structure (2 parts), Establishment of O 14 CD DA 47-0308 30 mcd day review if disapproved
Budget, Annual Proposal and Supplements O 50 CD AA 47-0304 Hearing required; approval by act
Budget, Gross Planning O 0
AA 47-0306
Cable Television Franchise Transfer O 0
AA 43-1820 Federal law may have different requirements
Children's Health Insurance Program Plan O 30 CD DA 01-0359 note D.C. Act 12-630
Community Dev. Program Major Amendments O 0
AA 05-0902(c) Hearing required
Community Dev. Program Minor Modifications O 30 LD DA 05-0902(c)
Comprehensive Plan - Land Use Element O 0
AA 01-0246(c) DC Law 12-275; Due Oct. 1999 -Hearing required
Comprehensive Plan - Small Area Action Plan O 45 LD DA 01-0247(c) Hearing required
Comprehensive Plan, Amendments to the O 0
AA 01-0248.01 (d) Once every 4 years
D.C. Retirement Board Exemptions O 0
AA 01-0741 (h)
DCPS Long Range Master Facility Plan, Implementation Plan, Accountability Plan and Bu O 0
AA 31-0123.1 et seq. DC Law12-175; Most due 12-31-98
DCPS Uniform Per Student Funding Formula O 0
AA 31-2911 DC Law 12-207; within 2 yrs of estab. and every 4 yrs thereafter
Economic Development Zone Incentives (tax abatement, forgiveness, or deferral) O 0
AA 05-1403(a)
Environmental Impact Statement Exemption O 45 LD DA 06-0989
Equal Opportunity for Local, Small and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Goals O 0
NA 01-1153.3 DC Law 12-262 - Review goals of act every 3 yrs
Expansion of Executive Protection Unit O 0
AA PL 105-277 Public Safety and Justice title of D.C. Appropriations Act
Extensions of Permanent Highway Plans O 0
AA 07-0107
Firearms Bounty Fund Termination O 45 LD DA 06-2384(g)
Garbage Incinerator Site Selection O 45 LD DA 06-0505(b)
Grant Applications State Plan approvals (2 parts) O 14 CD DA 47-0385 30 mcd days if disapproved
HFA Tenant Selection Plan O 45 MCD DA 45-2122
HFA Bond resolutions O 30 LD DA 45-2117 (b)(2)
Industrial Revenue Bond Project Approvals O 30 LD DA 47-0340.3
Major Changes to the Fire Department O 0
AA 04-0301
Monthly Assistance Payment under TANF O 0
AA 03-0205.51a P.L. 105-100 Annual review and comparability adjustment
Nat'l Capital Revit. Corp. Bonds O 45 MCD AA 01-2295.18
Nat'l Capital Revit. Corp. Criteria for Assistance O 45 MCD AA 01-2295.14
Nat'l Capital Revit. Corp. Eminent Domain O 30 MCD AA 01-2295.19
Nat'l Capital Revit. Corp. Establishment of Redevelopment Districts O 45 MCD DD 01-2295.21
Nat'l Capital Revit. Corp. RevitalizationPlan O 45 MCD DD 01-2295.12
NCPC Submission of Platting and Subdivision Changes O 30
AA 01-2006
Organization Chart O 45 LD DA 01-0299.06
Police Enforcement of Pedestrian Right-of-Way Plan O 45 LD DA 40-0726
Public Emergency Preparedness Program O 30 LD DA 06-1503
Public Service Commission/ OPC Substantial in Telecommunication Proceedings O 30 LD DA 43-1452 (m) Limits for PSC must exceed $100,000; OPC $50,000
Railroad Track Construction O 0
AA 07-1418
Real Property Tax Rates, Extension of Time to Establish O

DA 47-0812 Hearing required; Must establish rates by act
Receivers, Budgets submitted by the Mayor O 0
AA PL 105-277 Sec. 140; Council may not revise estimates
Redevelopment (Urban Renewal) Advances O 0
AA 05-0818(b)
Reorganization Plans O 60 MLD DA 01-0242 (12)
Reorganization Plans O 60 MLD DA 01-0299.04 (c)
Reprogramming Requests (2 parts) O 14 CD DA 47-0363 (e) 30 days if disapproved
Residential and Cooperative Property Tax Relief Adjustments O 0
AA 47-0853 By Oct. 15 of each year
Solid Waste Management Plan O 0
NA 06-3404 Every 2 years (odd years) on Oct. 1
Special Accounts, Contents of O 0
AA 47-0131 (b)
State Energy Plan O 60 LD DA 01-1913 Modifications - 30 day review
Street and Alley Closings O 0
AA 07-0421
Street Improvements or Issuance of Permit for Street Improvements O 45 LD DA 07-0446(a)
Tax Increment Financing project, area, development agreement, and amount to be financed O 45 CD DA 01-2293.4  
Urban Renewal Plan Changes (NCPC) O 0
AA 05-0811 Hearing required
Wash. Conv. Center Authority Issuance of Certain Resolutions O 90 LD DA 09-0805

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Type: O = Other
Type Days: CD = calendar day, each day is counted; K = Contracts; LD = legislative days, excludes Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and days of Council recess; MCD = modified calendar day, excludes only days of Council recess; MLD = modified legislative days, excludes only Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Appr.: DA = Deemed approved; DD = Deemed disapproved; AA = Affirmative action required for approval

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