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Agency Report Provisions
(Alphabetical Order)
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Subject D.C. Code
Abandoned and Junk Vehicle fund Annual Statement 40-0834 Due Jan 1 of each year
Adult Protective Services Report 06-2513 Due Oct. 1, 1987
Advisory Comm. Consumer Protection Annual Report 28-3907(e)
Advisory Neighborhood Commission Annual Report 01-0261(j) Due Nov. 30 of each year
Advisory Neighborhood Commission Boundary Task Force 01-1331 Due 90 days after approval by Mayor
Aging, Annual Report on Operations of Office 06-2213
Alternative-Fuel Vehicles Annual Report 40-2004.1 Due March 1 of each year
ANC Budget 01-0261(n) Due within 60 days of budget notification
Annual Report on Personnel 01-0635.1 60 days after fiscal year - all personnel authorities
Architecture Annual Report, Board of 02-0258 Due Jan. 1 of each year
Arts and Humanities Annual Report 31-2005(d)
Arts and Humanities Enterprise Fund Annual Report 31-2005.1 Due Oct. 1 of each year
Auto Insurance Market, Report on Impact of Legislation on 35-1531 note D.C. Law 11-160; By 9-20-98
Barber and Cosmetology Board Annual Report 02-0430 Due Feb. 1 of each year
Blind, Comm. for Purchase of Products ... of the 36-0603 90 days after each fiscal year
Boards and Commissions Report 01-0299.7 Feb. 1 of each year
Budget Report, Transition 47-0392.8 Financial Authority to submit
Census Report 01-1308 Hearing required w/in 90 days of receipt
Ceremonial fund expenditure report 01-0355 Sec. of DC and Sec. to Council each year
Charter School Annual Report 31-2828 Dur Mar. 1 of each year
Charter School Annual Report (chartering authorities) 31-2853.21 Due July 30 of each year
Child Abuse and Neglect Annual Report 06-2123
Child Care Services Assistance Fund Report 06-3608 6 months after FY
Child Welfare Termination Report 03-0114.1 Due Nov. 1 of each year
Children and Youth Program Annual Report 01-2605
Commission on Aging Annual Report 06-2230
Committee on Metabolic Disorders Annual Report 06-0317 Due Jan. 1 of each year
Consumer Protection Agency Annual Report 28-0903
Convention Center Authority Annual Report 09-0807 Due 120 days after end of FY
Convention Center Costs and Revenues Report 47-3211 Due before budget is submitted
Crime Victims Compensation Annual Report 03-0434 Chief Judge to submit
Criminal Justice Supervisory Board Annual Report 02-1106 90 days after FY
D.C. General Hospital Hospice Program Annual Report 03-1105
Day Care Cost of Living Annual Report 03-0309(e) Due July 1 of each year
DCPS Calculation of No. of Students 31-2853.42 Due Oct. 15 of each year
DCPS Long Term Reform Plan 31-2853.1 Due Feb. 15 of each year
Deferred Compensation Program Annual Report 47-3604 Due Feb. 2 of each year
Domestic Partnership Annual Report 36-1407
Drug Prevention/Children at Risk Annual Report 47-4002 Due March 1 of each year
Education Annual Report, Board of 31-0104.2 Due April 15; P.L. 103-334
Education Annual Report, Board of 31-0201.1 Due Jan. 15 of each year
Educational Licensure Commission Quarterly Report 31-1607
Emergency Family Shelter Annual Report 03-0206.7
Employees' Child Care Facilities Annual Report 03-0902
Energy Office - D.C. Auditor's Report 01-1905 Every 3 - 4 years
Energy Office Annual Report 01-1904(i)
Environmental Planning Commission Annual Report 02-3204
First Source Employment Semi-annual Report 01-1164 Due Jan. 31 and July 31 of each year
Flood Control Program Annual Report 05-0305 Due April 1 of each year
Freedom of Information Act Report 01-1528 June 30 each year
Gap-Closing Actions 47-0318.3 Due with annual budget request
HFA Annual Report 45-2153 Due 90 days after end of fiscal year
HFA Applications to Finance a Project 45-2117(a) Must be submitted within 14 MLD of filing
Historic Preservation Annual Report 05-1013 Due on or about Mar 3 of each year
Home Purchase Assistance Fund Audit Report 45-2205 Due 6 months after end of FY
Home Purchase Assistance Step Up Program Fund Report 45-2212 DC Law 12-266; 6 months after FY
Homelessness Assessment Annual Report 03-0604 Due with submission of District budget
Homestead Housing Quarterly Progress Report 45-2710
Latino Affairs Office Annual Report 01-2330 Commission on Latino Affairs to submit
Law Revision Commission Annual Report 49-0403 Due March 31 of each year [defunded]
Lead Poising Test Report 31-2410 Due Oct. 15 1995
Library Trustees Annual Report, Board of 37-0105 Due Feb. 1 of each year
Local and Minority Contracting Quarterly Report 09-0804 To be provided for in regulations
Low-Level Radioactive Waste Annual Report 06-3702 Due April 1 of each year
MacBride Principles Compliance Report 01-0721(c) Oct. 1 of each year
Managed Care Plan Assessment 01-0359(d) Annually
Medical and Geriatric Parole Annual Report 24-0263 Submitted by Parole Bd Chair
Minority Contracting Report 01-1145 Every 6 months
Subject D.C. Code
Needle Exchange Feasibility Report 33-0603.1 Due Jan. 1, 1993
Northern Ireland MacBride Principles Compliance Annual Report 45-2143 Due Oct. 1 of each year
Nuisance Abatement Fund Report 05-0513 Due 6 months after FY
Office of Cable Television Annual Report 43-1806
Office of Employee Appeals annual report 01-0606.2
Official expenditure report 01-0356 Due at end of each fiscal year
Parking and Traffic Enforcement Annual Report 40-0608 Due June 30 of each year
Performance Plan/Report of each agency 01-0615.12 Due Jan. 1 of each year
Phosphate Exemption Annual Report 06-0972 Due Mar 1 of each year
Prison Furlough Program Semiannual Report 24-0491 Due Jan. 21 and July 31 of each year
Prison Industries Program/Fund Annual Report 24-0458.13 Due Dec. 1 of each year
Procurement Report - Sole Source and Emergency, 01-1183.19 Annual Report, Due 90 days after FY
PSC and Peoples Counsel Agency Fund Annual Reports 43-0612 Due Jan 1 of each fiscal year
Public Access Corporation Annual Report 43-1829(d) Due 60 days after end of fiscal year
Public Advocate for Assessments Annual Report 47-0825.2
Quick Payment Act Report 01-1175 Due within 120 days after conclusion of fiscal year
Real Estate Commission Annual Report 47-1450 Due 1st Tuesday in Sept.
Real Property Assessments Annual Report, Board of 47-0825.1(l) Due Oct. 1 of each year
Real Property Tax Assessment Annual Report 47-0851 Due July 1 of each year
Real Property Tax Exemption Annual Report 47-0852 Due before budget is submitted
Real Property Transfer Report 09-0402 Due Nov. 30 of each year
Recycling Program Report 06-3413-4 Due Jan. 1 of each year
Recycling Report 06-3202 Due July 25, 1988
Recycling Report 06-3414 Jan. 15 of each year
Recycling Surcharge Annual Report 06-3415 Due Jan 15 of each year
Redevelopment Land Agency Annual Report 05-0814 Due Nov 2 of each year
Residential Drug-Related Eviction Annual Report 45-2559.7
Retirement Board Annual Report 01-0734 Within 210 days after end of fiscal year
Senior Citizen's Home Repair Program Fund Report 45-3007 6 months after the end of each fiscal year
Single-Room Occupancy Annual Report 45-2591
Single-Room-Occupancy Housing Annual Report 45-2586 Due 180 days from Aug. 25 each year
Soil and Water Conservation District Annual Report 01-2809
Solid Waste Management Report 06-3404 Every 2 years (odd years) on Dec. 1
Solid Waste Reduction Center No. 1 Report 06-0904 Every 6 months
Special Advocate for Children Annual Report 16-2372
Student Enrollment Annual Report 31-2826 Due Oct. 15 of each year
Surplus goods proceeds 01-1187.2 Quarterly report
Taxicab Commission Annual Report 40-1711 Due 2d Monday of January each year
Traffic Violations Report 40-1502 Due June 30 of each year
Unemployment Compensation Fund Annual Report 46-0114(d) Due Dec. 30 and Oct. 15 of each year
Unemployment Compensation Program Annual Report 46-0114(c) Due May 1 of each year
Uninsured Motorist Fund Annual Report 35-2114
University of DC Board of Trustees Annual Report 31-1534 Dec. 31 of each year
Volunteer Service Credit Program Annual Report 06-2251
Water and Sewer Authority Annual Report 43-1675 Due 120 days after end of fiscal year
Water/Sewer Authority Annual Report and Plan 40-1675 90 days before/120 days after FY
Wilson Building Renovation Quarterly Reports 09-0734 Sunsets
Workers' Comp. Insurance Study Annual Report 36-0342.1
Workers' Compensation Annual Report 36-0302 Due Feb. 1 of each year (DC Law 12-229)
Youth Residential Facilities Licensure Report 03-0806
Zoning Review Task Force Report 05-0413n Due 270 days after 1st meeting

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