I - Definitions

II - Organization

III - Procedures for Meetings

IV - Legislation

V - Hearing Procedures

VI - Investigations and Subpoenas

VII - Budget Procedures

VIII - Official Mail

IX - Auditor

X - Construction, Suspension and Amendment of Rules


201. Oath of Office
201a. Code of Official Conduct
202. Conflict of Interest

A. Executive Officers of the Council
211. Chairman
212. Chairman Pro Tempore
213. Vacancy in Office of Chairman

B. Committee Membership
221. Selection
222. Chairman as ex-Officio Member
223. Vacancies
224. Distribution of Responsibility
225. Participation of Members in Committee Meetings
226. Rules of Committees(Committee Rules)
227. Committee Activity Report

C. Standing Committees
231. Committee of the Whole(Rules)
232. Committee on Aging and Community Affairs(Rules)
233. Committee on Economic Development(Rules)
234. Committee on Finance and Revenue(Rules)
235. Committee on Government Operations and the Environment
236. Committee on Health(Rules)
237. Committee on Housing and Workforce Development(Rules)
238. Committee on Human Services
239. Committee on Libraries, Parks, and Recreation
240. Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary(Rules)
241. Committee on Public Services and Consumer Affairs(Rules)
242. Committee on Public Works and Transportation

D. Creation of Subcommittees
245. Subcommittees

E. Special Committees
251. Creation of Special Committees
252. Use of Subpoenas by Special Committee

F. Special Projects
253. Special Projects

G. Appointed Officers of the Council
261. Appointment of Officers
262. Secretary
263. General Counsel
264. Budget Director
265. Policy Director

H. Council Personnel and Appointments
271. Subordinate Staff of Appointed Officers
272. Committee Staff
273. Members' Personal Staff
274. Council Appointment to Other Bodies
275. Appointment by Committees and Members
276. Residency Requirement for Appointments


A. Legislative Meetings
301. Organizational Meeting
302. Regular Meetings
303. Additional and Special Meetings
304. Quorum
305. Meetings Open to the Public
306. Executive Meetings
307. Hearing the Mayor
308. Recess
309. Council Review of Contracts

B. Order of Business for Meetings
311. Order of Business for Regular Meetings
312. Order of Business for Additional and Special Meetings
313. Proceeding out of Order

C. Rules of Decorum
321. Decorum of Members
322. Decorum of Members of the Public

D. Rules of Debate
331. Obtaining the Floor
332. Limitations on Debate
333. Personal Privilege
334. Points of Order
335. Appeal
336. Extension of Remarks
337. Recognition of Non-Members
338. Presentation of Ceremonial Resolutions
339. Expedited Optional Procedure for Reprogrammings, Revenue Bonds, and Review Resolutions

E. Motions
341. Motions Recognized During Debate
342. Withdrawal or Modification of Motions
343. Amendments to Be Written
344. Non-Germane Amendments
345. Friendly Amendments
346. Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute

F. Voting
351. Form of Vote
352. Voice Votes
353. Demand for Roll Call Vote
354. Calling the Roll
355. Records of Votes
356. Proxy Voting Prohibited
357. Reconsideration
358. Summons of Members


A. Introduction of Legislation
401. Who May Introduce
402. Manner of Introduction
403. Introduction of Emergency Legislation
404. Reading Introductions
405. Committee Assignment
406. Comments by Executive Branch
407. Withdrawal of Legislation

B. Council Approval
411. Consent Agenda
412. Emergency Legislation
413. Temporary Legislation
414. Discharge
415. Vetoed Legislation

C. Notice and Publication of Intended Actions
421. Notice to Members
422. General Notice by Publication of Intended Actions
423. Personal Service or Actual Notice
424. Abbreviated Notice
425. Methods of Notice
426. Notice of Emergency Actions
427. Notice of Temporary Legislation
428. Notice of Waiver of Rule 231(c).
429. Notice of Ceremonial Resolutions
430. Notice and Publication of Adopted Legislation

D. Legislative Records
441. Responsibility for Records
442. Form for Introductions
443. Reports on Legislation
444. Addendum to Committee Reports
445. Identification of Council Documents
446. Legislative Files
447. Other Official Records
448. Records of Legislative Meetings
449. Public Access to Records
450. Effect of End of Council Period
451. Transmission of Acts
452. Committee Records


A. Procedures for Hearings
501. Authority to Call Hearings
502. Quorum
503. Participation by Members
504. Open to Public
505. Extension of Remarks
506. Recess

B. Receiving Testimony
511. Questioning Witnesses
512. Decorum of Witnesses

C. Rights of Witnesses
521. Right to Counsel
522. Right to Make Opening Statement


A. Procedures for Investigations Using Subpoenas
601. Resolution Authorizing the Use of Subpoenas in An Investigation
602. Notice of Investigation
603. Report of Investigation
604. Testimony under Oath
605. Issuing the Oath
606. Depositions

B. Subpoenas
611. Issuance of Subpoenas
612. Report to Secretary Regarding Use of Subpoena
613. Service of Subpoenas
614. Enforcement of Subpoenas

C. Rights of Witnesses
621. Right to Assert Privileges
622. Notification of Rights
623. Right to Transcript
624. Rights of Persons Who Are Subjects of Investigations
625. Rights of Persons Identified in Investigations

D. Censure and Reprimand Procedures
651. Reprimand
652. Censure


A. Budget Review Procedures
701. Role of the Committee of the Whole
702. Budget Review Schedule
703. Role of Council Committees
704. Committee of the Whole Consideration of Budget Request
705. Council Consideration of the Budget Request
706. Consideration of Gross Planning Budget Resolutions
707. Consideration of Control Budget Acts

B. Reprogramming Policy Act Procedures
711. Effect of Recess on Procedures
712. Committee Referral of Requests
713. Circulation of Requests
714. Publication of Notice
715. Withdrawal of Reprogramming Requests
716. Requirements for Disapproval of Requests
717. Automatic Approval of Requests
718. Transmittal to Mayor

Funds Control Act Procedures
721. Applicability of Procedures
722. Effect of Recess on Funds Control Act Procedures
723. Committee Referral of Requests
724. Circulation of Requests
725. Requirements for Disapproval
726. Automatic Approval of Requests
727. Transmittal to Mayor

Specified Funding Allocation Procedures
730. Required Information Prior to Approval
731. Prohibition on Consecutive Allocations
732. Limits on Award Amounts
733. Audit Requirements
734. Disclosure Requirements



801. Definitions
802. Content of Official Mail
803. Permitted Categories of Official Mail
804. Marking Requirements for Envelopes
805. Prohibitions and Format of Newsletters
806. Authorized Uses of Official Mail
807. Photographs and Sketches Contained in Newsletters
808. Size and Print Types for Names
809. Use of Official Mail by Officials-Elect
810. General Counsel Review
811. Application

851. Service of Process.


901. Selection
902. Term and Compensation
903. Vacancy
904. Staff
905. Reports Available to the Public


1001. Parliamentary Authority
1002. Gender Rule of Construction
1003. Suspension of Rules
1004. Amendment of Rules
1005. Effective Period