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The text of the listed amendments can be found in the District of Columbia Register (DCR) cite listed by Volume-Page.   A list of amendments is published in the first D.C. Register of each month. To find amendments made after the date of the DCMR you are researching, please consult the contents of individual D.C. Registers published since that date.

The D.C. Code is now available on-line. For more information, concerning these amendments or to obtain the text of amendments, contact the Office of Documents,or the agency which promulgated the rulemaking.

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AB Anatomical Board

ABC Alcoholic Beverage Control Board

ACAED Assistant City Administrator for Economic Development

ARB Armory Board

BA Board of Accountancy

BE Board of Education

BER Board of Equalization & Review

BOEE Board of Elections & Ethics

BRPAA Board of Real Property Assessments & Appeals

BWC Boxing and Wrestling Commission

C Dept. of Corrections

CAB Contract Appeals Board

CCRB Civilian Complaint Review Board

CFPR Committee on Family Placement Regulations

CHR Commission on Human Rights

CJDT Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure

CME Chief Medical Examiner

CPO Chief Procurement Officer

DAS Dept. of Administrative Services

DCAC D.C. Apprenticeship Council

DCEO D.C. Energy Office

DCLB D.C. Lottery & Charitable Games Board

DCOP D.C. Office of Personnel

DCRA Dept. of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs

DCRB D.C. Retirement Board

DCSL D.C. School of Law

DES Dept. of Environmental Services

DFR Dept. of Finance & Revenue

DGH D.C. General Hospital

DHCD Dept. of Housing & Community Development

DHS Dept. of Human Services

DISR Dept. of Insurance and Securities

DM/F Deputy Mayor for Financial Management

DHRMB Dept. of Human Rights and Minority Business

DOES Dept. of Employment Services

DOH Dept. of Health

DOT Dept. of Transportation

DOR Dept. of Recreation

DORP Dept. of Recreation and Parks

DPAH Dept. of Public & Assisted Housing

DPCRB Drug Prevention & Children at Risk Board

DPW Dept. of Public Works

DUCB Unemployment Compensation Board

EEFSC Escheated Estates Fund Application Screening Committee

ELC Education Licensure Commission

ETB Emergency Transition Board of Trustees

FEMS Fire and Emergency Medical Services

GSAB Gas Station Advisory Board

HA Housing Authority

HHPBC Health and Hospitals Public Benefit Corporation

HPRB Historic Preservation Review Board

IA Insurance Administration

ISR Insurance and Securities Regulation

MBOC Minority Business Opportunity Commission

MPD Metropolitan Police Department

MYIO Mayor's Youth Initiative Office

OBED Office of Business & Economic Development

OBFI Office of Banking & Financial Institutions

OCC Office of Corporation Counsel

OCT Office of Cable Television

ODAI Office of Documents & Administrative Issuances

OEA Office of Employee Appeals

OHR Office of Human Rights

OM Office of the Mayor

OP Office of Planning

OPR Office of Public Records

PAR Board of Parole

PERB Public Employee Relations Board

PL Public Library

PSC Public Service Commission

REC Real Estate Commission

RHC Rental Housing Commission

SC Sports Commission

SEC Sports and Entertainment Commission

TC Taxicab Commission

UCB Unemployment Compensation Board

UDC University of the District of Columbia

WASA D.C. Water and Sewer Authority

WCC Washington Convention Center

WHB Wage Hour Board

WSA Water and Sewer Authority

ZC Zoning Commission